PencilDoodleI’ve always been an avid doodle/sketcher, but last year I really decided to be intentional about drawing every day. And after going through a bunch of regular, plain black sketchbooks, I began looking at custom sketchbooks. I really was just something that had a little more personality. Sitting down with a big black sketchbook seemed a little pretentious, since nothing says “serious artist here” like one of those big sketch pads.

Might as well start carting around an easel.

At the same time, one of my favorite things to do was sit in a coffee shop or a local bar, and people watch. And for practice, I would sketch what I saw while I passed the time. Consequently, I noticed that many of the six pack beer boxes were thrown away (some places still don’t/can’t recycle here). It was a shame that these boxes an illustrator or designer worked to create, yet were still ending up in the trash. As a result the idea of making my own books fell into place.

Currently, custom sketchbooks come in three sizes:

Large custom sketchbooks - Dawn of the Red

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Large sketchbooks

Large sketchbooks are the size of a full six-pack box, and are almost the same size. Front and back dimensions: 7.5 inches wide X 5.5 inches tall.

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Medium custom sketchbooks - Dragoon Brewing

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Medium sketchbooks

The medium sketchbooks are trimmed down from a six-pack box, or the same size as a large four pack. Front and back dimensions are roughly 5.5 inches wide X 6 inches tall.

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Small custom sketchbooks - Old Rasputin

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Small sketchbooks

The small sketchbooks starts out the size of a four-pack box or are trimmed down from larger boxes. Front and back dimensions: roughly 5.75 inches wide X 4.75 inches tall.

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Finally, if you want a book made from a box you don’t see here, no problem! We can always do custom sketchbooks as well!