Now available, Beer Tasting Notebooks!

Sure, there are apps on your phone that allow you to record your beer tasting notes for a thousand different beers at locations all over the world, but remember before there was an app for that?

Enjoying a beer isn’t a digital experience, its a sensory one. Why sit there staring into the same little screen that you probably stare at all day anyway, when you could put the phone down and actually enjoy that beer? How about thinking about what you’re drinking and capturing those flavors and aromas on paper? With a pen? Now, you can!

 Beer tasting notes you can fill out, with a pen! Or pencil! Or dull crayon supplied by the bartender!

Beer tasting notes you can fill out, with a pen! Or pencil! Or dull crayon supplied by the bartender!

Introducing custom Tasting Notes Books!

Put your phone away and go old school, writing down those flavors using real words, on paper! Forget trying to squeeze your description into 100 characters in an app – write it out, doodle it, make notes in the margins. Color outside the lines!

But how do I share my tasting notes with my friends?

Its easy! Using your hand, or otherwise similarly-enabled appendage, simply grasp your book and gently pass it to your friend, allowing he or she to peruse one or more pages of your reviews. This may be a good way to start up what used to be called a conversation, utilizing your vocal chords for something other than “Hey, Siri.”

Have more than one friend who is interested in your thoughts on the alcoholic beverages you enjoy? Now is the time to pull out your phone. Not at the bar, don’t be that guy. Or lady. Wait until you get home, or back to your office, and take a good picture of your notes under a decent light and post to your favorite social media site! Internet fame achieved!

Beer Tasting Notes Exterior

Love a certain box design? Have your beer tasting notes custom wrapped in it!

Sounds great! What do you have on hand?

Currently, there are only a few beer tasting note books on hand, as most of the books get created on the fly as custom requests. So, have a favorite beer you’d like to use for your notebook? Maybe an ironic Natty Light box that can you can use to record your craft beer conquests? Simply start a conversation on Etsy or contact me over email to get your custom book started!

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