By far, the feature most-requested by folks when they talk to me about these sketchbooks is “Can you do custom journals…you know, with lined paper?”

It usually comes out as part of the whole “Oh, I don’t draw” conversation that people always ask about custom journals with lined paper, and up until June 1 it wasn’t something I even offered. Partly, this was to keep the books as green as possible by eliminating the need to print anything, which also helped keep production costs at a minimum. The main reason though, was because when I started making these books for myself, it was because I wanted something to draw in, and lines only got in my way.

All that said, I have heard your requests, and now offer you the choice when you check out at the Etsy shop: on all new books going into the shop you now get to choose, sketchbook paper, or lined notebook paper!

new custom journals with paper

These unobtrusive dotted lines make handwriting easy, and yet won’t get in your way if you need to throw down a diagram or something. Pencil shown for scale.

Now, this is only on books that have been added to the store since June 1, and all books added to the store previous to June 1 will only contain the sketchbook paper. You’ll have to make the choice between paper stocks before adding the book to your cart. Just look for the Journal/Sketchbook section on the site. For example, here’s what’s there now:

Custom Journals

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Next up

I’m making good progress on the Three Sheets Tasting Notes books, and hope to have those on the site soon!

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